All Druid Phase 2 Runes in Season of Discovery and How to Find Them

Runes are very important in Season of Discovery phase 2, as they can give you new abilities and passives that can enhance your performance in various aspects of the game. Runes can help you deal more damage, heal more effectively, survive longer, or gain more utility. Depending on your class and playstyle, you may want to choose different runes that suit your needs and preferences. Runes can also make your gameplay more diverse and fun, as you can experiment with different combinations and strategies. Runes are one of the main features of Season of Discovery, and they can make a big difference in your experience. Need SoD Gold? Buy it now from with low price and instant delivery.

In phase 2 of Season of Discovery, there are six new runes for each class, for the belt and boots slots. In this article we’ll list all these new runes for Druid class and tell you how to get them.

Season of Discovery Druid Phase 2 Runes

You can obtain the Berserk rune by following these steps:
• Train the Challenging Roar ability and reach level 28 or higher.
• Go to Thousand Needles and find a statue at the entrance of The Shimmering Flats (68.7, 55.2).
• Stand near the statue to get the Beastly Effigy buff.
• Use Challenging Roar on the statue to spawn Zai’enki, a level 28 elite beast.
• Kill Zai’enki and loot the Idol of the Heckler from its corpse.
• Equip the idol in your relic slot and right-click it.
• Use Challenging Roar to taunt at least two enemies and kill them before the taunt wears off. Repeat this 5 times. (You need to deliver the final blow yourself.)
• Activate the idol again and learn the rune.

Follow these steps to get the Eclipse rune:
• Be level 30 or higher.
• Go to Desolace and interact with an Extinguished Campfire at the Kodo Graveyard (47, 54) to get the quest Highway Robbery.
• Talk to Bibbly F'utzbuckle in a hut at the northern crossroads (63, 39) to advance the quest to On the Lam.
• Go to Booty Bay and talk to Tokal in the tavern (27, 77) to advance the quest to Cherry for Your Thoughts?
• Buy a Cherry Grog from Nixxrax Fillamug, the nearby Food and Drink vendor, and give it to Tokal to advance the quest to No Honor Among Thieves.
• Go to Arathi Highlands and use a boat near the bridge at the south of the zone (53, 91) to reach the east coast of the zone behind the mountains.
• Find Illari Duskfeather, a night elf, and talk to her to complete the quest. If you are Alliance, you can agree with her and avoid fighting. If not, you will have to fight her. She is level 40.
• Get Illari's Key from her and use it to open a Jewel-Encrusted Box nearby that has the rune.

This is how you can get the Nourish rune:
• Go to Duswallow Marsh and kill the Rotting Ancient at (45, 51). It may spawn in different places.
• Get the Rotten Seed from it and start the quest. Go to Moonglade.
• In Moonglade, talk to Orokai and finish the quest. He will give you another quest for 4 Ancient Saplings:
Autumn Sapling – (47, 72) in Arathi Highlands
Winter Sapling – (58, 44) in Alterac Mountains
Spring Sapling – (10, 39) in Swamp of Sorrows
Summer Sapling – (33, 65) in Stranglethorn Vale
• Touch all 4 saplings and go back to Orokai to get the rune.

You can get the Dreamstate rune by following these steps:
• Kill a Kolkar Centaur at the Kolkar Village in Desolace (73, 48) and loot a Desiccated Seed Pod from it.
• Take the Pod to a water source and use it to turn it into a Satyrweed Bulb. A nearby pond is at (66, 29).
• Go to Sargeron in northwest Desolace and find a Sandy Loam, a mound of dirt. There are some at these coordinates:
74.5, 19.0
75.9, 16.6
75.9, 21.1
78.0, 16.9
• Use the Sandy Loam to get your rune.

This is how you can get the King of the Jungle rune:
• Go to Deadwind Pass and talk to the Dalaran Agent at Ariden's Camp in the northeast (52, 35) to get an Ariden's Sigil. Keep this trinket on you or someone in your party.
• Go to these places and look for a buff called Dark Presence. When you have it, use the trinket to call a Dark Rider, a level 41 elite. Kill it and get a relic from it. Do this for all seven relics, then go back to the Dalaran Agent for your rune.

Places for the Dark Riders:
Arathi Highlands (60, 40)
Badlands (58, 54)
Deadwind Pass (43, 29)
Desolace (65, 25)
Duskwood (23, 47)
Swamp of Sorrows (69, 28)
The Barrens (52, 36)

This is how you can get the Survival Instincts rune:
• Go to Swamp of Sorrows and talk to the NPC at (24, 54) to get a net.
• Use the net to catch an Arbor Tarantula, a small bug on a stump at (45, 19) in Stranglethorn Vale.
• Catch another bug at the stable at (31, 28) in Arathi Highlands.
• Catch a Flesh Picker, another bug, at the Kodo Graveyard at (51, 59) in Desolace.
• Go back to the NPC with the net and the three bugs for your rune.