All Hunter Phase 2 Runes in Season of Discovery and How to Find Them

In our last article, we introduced the 6 SoD phase 2 runes for Druid. Here we’ll continue to discover the new runes for the hunter class in Season of Discovery Phrase 2.
The 6 runes are: Expose Weakness (Belt), Melee Specialist (Belt), Steady Shot (Belt), Dual Wield Specialization (Boots), Invigoration (Boots), Trap Launcher (Boots).

This is how you can get the Expose Weakness rune:
• Go to Badlands and kill Dustbelcher Brutes and Ogres until you get a Primitive Drawing, which will start the quest “Terror of the Desert Skies.”
• Take the drawing to Hemet Nesingwary at (35.7, 10.8) in Stranglethorn Vale. He will give you an Empty Bait Cage to catch a critter. Any critter (squirrel, rabbit, etc.) will do.
• Go back to Badlands and find a nest at (22.4, 66.7) in the southwest hills. You can reach it from the northwest side of the rocks. Use the critter as bait to call Gharrik, a level 40 beast. Kill it and loot a trophy from it. You can kite it to make it easier.
• Go back to Hemet Nesingwary with the trophy for your rune. Right-click the rune to learn it.

This is how you can get the Melee Specialist rune:
• Go to Deadwind Pass and talk to the Dalaran Agent at (52, 35) to get an Ariden's Sigil. Keep this trinket on you or someone in your party.
• Go to these places and look for a buff called Dark Presence. When you have it, use the trinket to call a Dark Rider, a level 41 elite. Kill it and get a relic from it. Do this for all seven relics, then go back to the Dalaran Agent for your rune.
Places for the Dark Riders:
Arathi Highlands (60, 40)
Badlands (58, 54)
Deadwind Pass (43, 29)
Desolace (65, 25)
Duskwood (23, 47)
Swamp of Sorrows (69, 28)
The Barrens (52, 36)

You can get the Steady Shot rune by doing this:
• Go to Arathi Highlands and find a big fish called Needletooth in the pond at (68, 66) near Witherbark Village.v
• Kill Needletooth (level 35) and loot the rune from it.
• Wait for about a minute for Needletooth to respawn if you don’t find it.

This is how you can get the Rune of the Scrapper:
• Go to (32, 16) in Stranglethorn Vale, near Grom'Gol.
• Get the Danger! debuff and use Track Hidden and Flares to find the hidden enemy.
• Kill the Bloodscalp Guerilla and loot the rune. It will teach you Dual Wield Specialization.

This is how you can get the Invigoration rune:
• Go to Swamp of Sorrows and talk to the NPC at (24, 54) to get a net.
• Use the net to catch an Arbor Tarantula, a small bug on a stump at (45, 19) in Stranglethorn Vale.
• Catch another bug at the stable at (31, 28) in Arathi Highlands.
• Catch a Flesh Picker, another bug, at the Kodo Graveyard at (51, 59) in Desolace.
• Go back to the NPC with the net and the three bugs for your rune.

This is how you can get the Trap Launcher rune:
• Be level 30 or higher.
• Go to Desolace and interact with an Extinguished Campfire at the Kodo Graveyard (47, 54) to get the quest Highway Robbery.
• Talk to Bibbly F'utzbuckle in a hut at the northern crossroads (63, 39) to advance the quest to On the Lam.
• Go to Booty Bay and talk to Tokal in the tavern (27, 77) to advance the quest to Cherry for Your Thoughts?
• Buy a Cherry Grog from Nixxrax Fillamug, the nearby Food and Drink vendor, and give it to Tokal to advance the quest to No Honor Among Thieves.
• Go to Arathi Highlands and use a boat near the bridge at the south of the zone (53, 91) to reach the east coast of the zone behind the mountains.
• Find Illari Duskfeather, a night elf, and talk to her to complete the quest. If you are Alliance, you can agree with her and avoid fighting. If not, you will have to fight her. She is level 40.
• Get Illari's Key from her and use it to open a Jewel-Encrusted Box nearby that has the rune.

So above is a detailed guide about the new runes for hunter and how to find them. I hope it can help your adventure in Season of Discovery. More guides are on the way. Stay tuned and enjoy.